SSUSA: World’s only in existence Mw Class Green H2 Fueled – ICE Engine…

-Runs (literally) on Sunlight and Water…

-Coming to a Secure Supply USA Mw Scale Renewable Energy / Green Hydrogen Production site near you (in 2017)…

-Scheduling 2017 Construction Projects now. Call to take your place in the Green H2 Revolution!

… A Secure (carbon-free) Energy Supply for the USA.

Peter Fusaro of Global Change Associates: Energy Policy in a Trump Administration.

Peter Fusaro contributes his opinion (Shared by us), that a Trump Administration should recognize the bounty already provided, from a foundation of Renewable Energy already in existence within the USA. We at Secure Supply USA are 100% on-board with this sentiment.

We are about to deploy several projects within the USA for our highly unique GREEN Hydrogen MW Scale production facilities. From these site’s, the World’s only in existence MW Class Hydrogen Fueled ICE Engine will be deployed as well. We are proud to have been asked by Peter Fusaro to speak about what we are doing at his Wall Street Green Summit 2017 in NYC.

Here we address the necessary safety training which occur’s on all our GREEN H2 MW Class Production Sites.

On each of our Secure Supply USA MW Class GREEN H2 Production sites, we will reach out and train First Responder’s and Certify them for Hydrogen related Emergency Response.. Having First Responder’s feeling confident is JOB #1!

H2 Safety Training

MW Scale (GREEN) Hydrogen Production / MW Class ICE Fueled Prime Stationary Power from H2. Welcome to The Evolution!

We are currently in various phases of current construction projects slated for 2017 for multiple MW Class GREEN Hydrogen production (USA & Mexico).

Decentralized Power, (had from Micro-Grid’s) for the purpose(s) of Energy Security as well as for Demand Management engineering as well as for Disaster Relief scenario’s as well as for Carbon-Free Energy Generation (ESCO). These are some of the “low hanging fruit” now available from working with Secure Supply USA Group.

MW Scale GREEN H2 Production for storing stranded energy, intermittent energy, Spinning reserve energy… Hydrogen is BOTH a “Battery and a “FUEL”. We employ it as such.

Fuel Cell Grade 99.9999% purity (commercial volume) H2 is generated on a commercial distribution scale, from our turn-key installed technology. We are Hydrogen developer’s providing solution’s.

Hydrogen Fueling SUPPLY for FCV (and the emergent market therein), requires a major GREEN H2 commercial production supplier.

There are ample resources for Carbon based Hydrogen production and distribution. There is an emergent market (and a high demand) for GREEN Hydrogen had from Renewable Energy (Carbon-Free) H2 for addressing a rapidly growing Hydrogen Economy.

CompetitionWe are grateful for Fossil Fuels. We wouldn’t have had the amazing advancement of all Humankind, weren’t it not for our Fossil Fuel’s. That said, It’s time for an Evolutionary bridge to shore (from Carbon based Fossil Fuels).

Were it not enough to cite the ecological damages directly incurred from Fossil Fuels to EARTH, our ethos supports this fact as being enough to forge ahead with GREEN H2. The gravity of this stablemen also requires a sober introspective.. It’s about the ECONOMY of Hydrogen..

Our Green Hydrogen production and MW Class H2 Fueled Prime Power capabilities affords us all now with making an EVOLUTIONARY leap. Not being entirely / foundationally cemented in “Blue Sky” or in “Faith of benevolent acts” for advancing the investment nor the embrace of GREEN Hydrogen production, in reality.. it’s starkly (more realistically) based on the economy of what we are providing with GREEN Hydrogen production.

The calculus behind the ROI, the Immediate Revenue had from first interconnect and the Long Term Revenue’s as applied (as well as the SECURITY) had from this EVOLUTIONARY “leap”… As such, WE can compete now with Carbon based Fossil Fuel (and Chemical or solid state Energy Storage).

We invite you to support our effort’s. We are currently in DEPLOYMENT phase (NOW).

  • Let the EVOLUTION commence!

Secure Supply USA is humbled and honored to be asked to speak at the Wall Street Green Summit this year in March, 2017!

We are honored to be asked to speak at the Wall Street Green Summit 2017 at the invite of Mr. Peter Fusaro.

We will address how we achieve U.S. roll-out and deployment for GREEN Hydrogen MW Class production, compression, delivery and MW Class Prime Power generation, for Supplying a Secure (GREEN) Energy Supply – For The USA…!

– Thank you Peter..

Secure Supply USA – A Secure Energy Supply for The USA!

THIS (USA) – Is how we move from Bridge to Shore… DEPLOYMENT is NOW … We are GO for A GREEN Hydrogen Economy and a GREEN H2 Highway..

GREEN Hydrogen produced from Megawatt Class Renewable Energy. Power to Gas.. And then Gas To MW Class POWER from our H2 Fueled MW Scale ICE Engine’s!

Go H2! Go SSUSA… ALL our core component’s are Made in The USA!



Secure Supply USA provides a REVOLUTIONARY Value-Add for Renewable Energy Projects

Please see artifact for a better understanding of how Secure Supply USA’s MW Class / Green H2 Production facilities (as a Value-Add technology) can breath new life and new revenue into existing or to be built Renewable energy projects…

As important to relate, is the H2 Fueling Infrastructure and the resultant H2 Economy will be kicked off from this “revolution” in Renewable Energy!



Secure Supply USA is ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.. This one’s going to be GREEN & Renewable with Hydrogen produced from Sunlight & Water!

MW Class projects for Turn-Key Project Development are currently in the works for several sites within the U.S. at this moment.

Our In-House Solar EPC and Secure Supply USA Project Management team are busy following through with due-diligence for projects in both Western U.S. as well as in the Northeastern U.S. (Tri-State and New England region).

Canadian Partners are busy progressing with their early organizational plans and our Secure Supply Mexico partners are already breaking ground on very large 400MW+ PV/H2 Production facilities.

FCV are about to massively deploy within these regions. The need for H2 to fuel them is driving our production and vice versa.

Someone had to take the initiative to resolve the CHICKEN & EGG conundrum pertaining to the Hydrogen Economy…
The Secure Supply Group has taken this leadership initiative.. We are presently Kinetic and currently active with the GREEN H2 Production initiative.. We are in DEPLOYMENT MODE.

FCV and the transportation industry is just one (major) prime mover and Off-Taker/Consumer in the Green H2 Revolution (now in Deployment).

Secure Supply USA has a mandate to POWER a GREEN & Renawable / Carbon-Free electrical micro-grid application’s from H2 Fueled Prime Power ICE Engine’s. We will be providing fuel for America’s cars (and TRUCKS) as well as to provide Prime MW Scale POWER (From our GREEN H2) MegaWatt Class Hydrogen Production facilities (currently Bi-Coastally) in the U.S.A.

Our mandate:

To provide a Secure Energy Supply for The USA..

ALL our core components are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

-Let’s Roll!

Elon Musk unveils Nikola Motors H2 Fueled Semi-Truck Manufacturing into the wild today! GO Elon!

Nikola One- Elon Musk’s Semi-Truck Manufacturing factory announcement was had today, for producing Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Tractor Trailers.

This is an advent and a validation, for all who have been waiting for the Hydrogen Highway and the Hydrogen Economy to be realized…

-Congratulation’s Elon!

Secure Supply USA is engaged currently also, in the rapid deployment of GREEN Hydrogen production (Like Nikola One) but with a difference..

We are currently building the Green H2 Infrastrucure not only for H2 Refilling infrastructure for cars/trucks/forklifts but we have a solution too for MW Power Generation.

Combined with our proprietary and exclusive GREEN H2 / Turn-Key Production facilities and distribution system’s, Secure Supply USA has the ability to EMPOWER all who seek to join us on a broad, roomy and all-inclusive Hydrogen Highway!!!

Congratulation’s today therefore is heartily sent to Mr. Elon Musk (From Secure Supply USA)!

-We welcome you as a peer today and as a co-integrator with us and soon to be many… into the Green Hydrogen Revolution and Economy!