At Coates International yesterday with our Alpha NJ Client Mr. Stanley “Bud” Phillips of Bev-Graph International.

This is the Power for providing Green H2 Fueled Prime Mw Class Power, for what will be the first Commercial Manufacturing facility to be powered by Green, On-Site produced Hydrogen.

Site is Alpha NJ. Pictured left to right George Coates, Jack Mosel, Stanley “Bud” Phillips at Coates International plant, Wall Township, NJ.

Sustainable GREEN Micro-Grid’s, Mw Scale full duty cycle Prime Power are here.

It’s Game Time.. GM & Honda are combining efforts to Joint Venture on Manufacturing Hydrogen Fuel Cell’s in Michigan!.. THIS is “The OFFICIAL arrival of Fuel Cells” in the U.S.A. 

Secure Supply USA is seeking JV Partners NOW, for establishing major strategic partners in Renewable Energy, to integrate and to deploy Mw Class GREEN Hydrogen and Distribution, as well as to build-out the Hydrogen Refueling infrastructure within the U.S.A.