2 thoughts on “Mw Scale – GREEN H2 Production for Prime Power / Utility Grade Renewable Energy Storage & Micro-Grid Solution’s..”

  1. I am an investor of Coates International, LTD and noticed solar energy as part of your energy storage solutions. If you are looking for solar cells in the near future–look up GreenSun Energy of Jerusalem, Israel. The GreenSun MK-1 Series Panel may be out soon with their first prototype plant in USA. It does not need direct sunlight like traditional solar cells and will work on cloudy and partial shade conditions which might be ideal for Pennsylvania where I live. I will enter there website below. Good Luck in NYC at the Wall Street Summit.

    See ya,
    Terry Shillady
    59 N. Reading Ave. Apt. 5
    Boyertown, PA 19512


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