Hydrogen is Vetted – Bankable/Sustainable

Secure Supply USA  offers multiple MW Class ready to Design-Build, real-time deployable,  turn-key installed Multiple Megawatt Class H2 Production facilities..

-Our MW Class H2 Engine’s fueled with our on-site produced 99.9999% Purity Green Hydrogen, fully address Intemittance from renewables.

Hydrogen Gas IS the ALPHA for Energy Storage. It is the Apha Energy Carrier…

“A New Solution To the Renewable Energy Intermittency Problem”

– Renewable Energy World


The need for a complete energy storage solution is becoming more acute where fields of wind turbines are already generating gigawatts of electricity, often with a significant mismatch in grid power demand.

Source: Hydrogen Energy Storage: A New Solution To the Renewable Energy Intermittency Problem – Renewable Energy World

A Secure Energy Supply for USA…

Secure Supply USA, LLC. is presently capable of providing a great asset for providing significant value and for being a complimentary / additive technology to alternative and/or conventional prime power generating facilities.

We offer a new and safe / sustainable “Green-Technology” which uses renewable / Carbon-Free feed-stock from Sunlight, Wind and Water, to be added to alternative/renewable or conventional energy power generation facilities. These facilities may be a MW Class Solar Array and/ a MW Class Wind Turbine power generation facilities.

We can  provide application’s for addressing conventional power generation facilities, for using their Spinning Reserve or low load energy profile schedule times, to produce H2 Gas and store the otherwise lost energy from there spinning reserve, with Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a “Battery”. It is an incredible energy carrier. It has immense value for storing energy which can be transported, trucked or piped directly to either fuel cell or our highly specialized MW Class Engine’s for fueling prime power electrical generation.

We can Grid Buffer, Grid-Tie, power Micro-Grid or even power Islanded (behind the meter) as “Off-Grid”.

Our Hydrogen production facilities produce an abundance of “Green Hydrogen”. We produce H2 Gas and address the intermittency of renewable power or to provide solutions to buffer grid infrastructure in high energy demand localities within an infrastructure where energy and population density are hard to keep up with from conventional energy management technology.

With the production, storage and compression of high volume 99.9999% purity Hydrogen Gas, produced from our state of the art / high efficiency equipment, we offer immediate new revenue stream’s for retail H2 Gas delivery to new and emerging markets which are to provide direct H2 fueling to Engine’s or for Fuel Cell application’s.

Master H2 Gas Purchase Agreement’s for broker’s as well as direct energy generation for Commercial application’s to utilize our highly unique and efficient H2 Fueled Engine’s to generate Prime Power directly at a commercial facility can resolve Supply, Delivery, Demand and now Energy STORAGE from Secure Supply USA.

Disaster relief location’s, Community Solar initiatives, Sustainable Housing with a Secure & Fully Sustainable Power infrastructure (On-Site), “Super ESCO” subscriber energy model’s and retrofitting hundreds of thousands of City dwelling residential apartment buildings can now be retrofitted for 100% “Green Hydrogen” power to be generated on-site (via rooftop H2 Engine’s and virtual pipeline H2 Truck delivery). A rooftop Solar Array alone on an apartment building could never provide Supply, Delivery, Demand and STORAGE of energy for a multi-tenant apartment building. A Physical Battery bank (also), will never address these energy needs i there entirety as well…

Secure Supply USA, LLC. Is uniquely positioned, in real-time to DEPLOY this technology for the United States…

A Hydrogen Economy is being laid right now within the internal operation’s of the U.S. Dept. of Energy and with Public/Private investment fund manager’s. Major auto manufacturer’s Honda, Toyota, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Hyundai are ALL introducing H2 Fueled Cars (and Trucks) for 2017. There provides a major need for a National Hydrogen production market and infrastructure in the USA, to support this massive effort.

98% of all Hydrogen that is produced and that is available/sold today in America is from Steam Reformed Natural Gas and Coal… It is expensive by a great margin, in direct comparison to Secure Supply USA H2 Production capabilities. We can provide a clean and safe as well as a profitable relationship with our energy project partner’s.

Secure Supply USA is currently the only deployment ready provider available, which can produce Green Hydrogen (with zero emission of Carbon) and with Mega Watt production deployment capacity and with no electrolyte required to produce high volume, Green Hydrogen (combined WITH H2 Engine’s) to provide PRIME ENERGY Generation and SECURE ENERGY Storage. 

Carbon Trade Exchange potential, sustainability, Localized Energy Security, Energu revenue generation models, Master Gas Broker Purchase Agreement’s, Spinning Reserve & Intermittency issues resolved from Alt-Energy & Conventional energy, Value Adder or Stand-alone 100% H2 Gas production from Wind/Solar (existing or to be built), Federal ITC/MAKRS depreciation enhanced ROI models for <5 Yr return, sustainable housing development / construction starts…. THIS is what a no-spin and Real-Time Hydrogen Economy looks like (NOW).

We are at your service and we are ready to deploy. We prefer 5MW DC application’s and higher but can address 1MW DC Array or Wind Turbine to 1MW AC Power to produce Gas. Option’s from here can accommodate Gas to Power or Gas to storage, Pipeline And/or to accommodate transport and delivery.